Sunday, June 18, 2017

I am heartbroken tonight
Because I thought the wounds had healed
The walls tore down
It bled all over again
As if it were only yesterday

I wish my heart was as cold as my stare
My mind as distant as my feet
I want to cry you out of me
Wipe the slate of my brain clean
Leave no signs of you within me
And no memories around

I was damaged when we met
I thought you could fix me
If not the old me, atleast a better me
But you left me so broken
That the pieces are scattered too far to ever meet

I have no words to say to you
I have no love or forgiveness for you
I just have the pain you left me
Mere questions with no answers
Hoping you will see yourself in my shoes someday
And hoping I'll be there to see you that way

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