Monday, July 18, 2016

There's an innate kind of beauty in what's broken.. In pieces that are not afraid to don any shape. Each crack having a mind and direction of its own. Unfazed, not conforming to appearances. Collecting reflections of different suns, bursting into their most honest colors. Put them against a group of mirrors and they'll evolve into the prettiest of patterns. Leave them aside and they'll cut you when you least expect it. But when you bring them all together, mend them, they form a replica of a previous creation.
We are broken pieces of a complete form, wrecked by multiple storms, fixed to last, over and over again. But however much we try to cover the scars or seal the gaps, we can never go back to perfect completion. We can ever be wholes, because we leave pieces of ourselves into it all. That's the beauty of what's broken.

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