Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm as fluid as water is.. Sometimes I'll rush into your arms like the sea..  Or chase my own dream along a river bed.. You make a dam to hold me behind, I'll flood every once in a while so you release me.. Sometimes a tear in your eyes.. Sometimes beads of sweat that calm you... I can quench your thirst.. I can drown you... Even pamper you with rains or despair you with storms.. The truth is you can't live without me, I make up most of your insides... And yet you'll let me flow away... Yet you'll contaminate me.. Even though I take the shape of whatever you put me through... You can never seem to hold me in your hand... I can sleep into the earth, fly with the wind, disappear in a fire... Yet you'll always have enough of me... Coz the day I cease to exist, so will you..

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