Wednesday, September 30, 2015

You only know your boundaries when you have crossed them before.. Or imagined what lies on the other side. So many boundaries made by man and morals. Dividing lands and thoughts. What if words could melt them all. What if stories could stitch the gaps. Day and night lives separated too. What if a timeless conversation could unite them both. There's the real and the unreal. There's curiosity and dried up cups of tea. And the conversation still has miles to go.. Miles of boundaries to cross.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I wait for that one phone call from you
Waiting to hear your voice
I see your name pop on my screen and I know
This is the moment. The conversation
That will change my day, even life.
The silence breaks into hellos and more
But alas! We merely rearrange those words
From many a yesterdays
Like a magician who won’t go past the same act
Who won’t look up his sleeve at his exploding heart
We hang up and I wait for the next day
Blood surging in my veins
Not knowing what to do with it

Monday, September 14, 2015

Such is the garden of our life… Full of creeping vines and blossoms…cacti and fruits… We spend most of our lives watering dead flowers. Hoping that someday a drop would awaken the petals, encourage them to rise… We wait in anticipation to feel that fragrance all over again, to witness that spring in our days again.

But hell we forget... not all of us have green thumbs…

Thursday, September 3, 2015

In a city that lacks soul, I think i'm losing mine too...
Is this what you call being settled? Or adapting to a new place?
Yes, it's warm... Just the climate... It's warm... But not enough to melt and give way to conversations.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm as fluid as water is.. Sometimes I'll rush into your arms like the sea..  Or chase my own dream along a river bed.. You make a dam to hold me behind, I'll flood every once in a while so you release me.. Sometimes a tear in your eyes.. Sometimes beads of sweat that calm you... I can quench your thirst.. I can drown you... Even pamper you with rains or despair you with storms.. The truth is you can't live without me, I make up most of your insides... And yet you'll let me flow away... Yet you'll contaminate me.. Even though I take the shape of whatever you put me through... You can never seem to hold me in your hand... I can sleep into the earth, fly with the wind, disappear in a fire... Yet you'll always have enough of me... Coz the day I cease to exist, so will you..