Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Children may be a gift from God.. But if you think it's a gift you cannot honour enough, stay away from it.

There are so many children out there, facing hardships. Filling the gaps created by their parents. So many, hurting their parents, causing them regrets. So many childless couples craving for children, while the gifts are sent to those who don't value them. So many children who think they are born in the wrong house. So many couples who put up with each other just for their sake.

It's a big bad world you are tormented by. Why bring the torment on another human? Isn't that a bigger sin than aborting a womb of cells without feelings?

I don't think it is a cynical thought. But, let's save the optimism for happier families. Where meals are eaten together. Where sacrifices are made unknowingly. Where children and parents are friends and not victims of patriarchy and control. Where spaces are positive, not negative.

Don't have children to save a marriage. Don't have them to redeem your poverty. And certainly not to please your families or prove your fertility. Don't plan on it when your bank has enough money or because you may run into menopause. Have them only of you think you can love them more than yourself. Give them more than you gave to yourself. Reach out and adopt if you must. But only if you know you can create heaven for someone who has seen the hell of abandonment and lovelessness.

Coz what's the point else... It's just a procreated life of regrets.

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