Monday, June 8, 2015

They will not write about us...

They will not write about us because darling we’re not in love and we both know that poems ought to be about lovers or mothers, not best friends halfway in the middle..

I'd never kiss you, but our hands fit like puzzle pieces and your smile makes my heart sing. When you cried for me, your voice was thick with fear and awe and I knew then I could break you. The thought terrifies me because you deserve better.. Yet I would die for you..

We are not the stuff of legends in this world where it’s only love if you fuck. The stories people want to hear end in a kiss, not a high five or a fistbump, but if I've got you I don’t need to make history..

And while you do not kiss away my tears, you let them seep into your shirt and to me, that is just as good..

- Anonymous

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