Saturday, June 13, 2015

It is difficult to forget that familiar smell

Of embalming salts in the chemistry lab,
where your gaze first met hers in an explosive reaction.
Of that steamy chicken sizzler on your first date,
when you realized she was actually a vegetarian.
Of scented candles, the white Vanilla ones her ex gifted
that buggered up your climax on the first night.
Of the stove you left on, in a bid to whip her a surprise breakfast
at the cost of a burnt down house.
Of her freshly washed locks, that herbal shampoo
that provoked you on a perpetual sneezing spree.
Of her charred steak, an experiment you forced down your throat
for the sake of love for food.
Of the cupboard, her clothes neatly stacked right next to yours,
making you feel like the most uncivilized mortal.
Of clotted blood, that made you faint when you played smarty
and chose to accompany her to the OT.
Of her musky perfume, which you were certain was yours
once upon a time, now sitting in her purse.
Of her oils and canvases, every time you invaded
her studio-cum-bedroom in search of the kitchen apron.
Of the incense she burnt at the altar, ignorant of your atheistic tastes,
as long as it kept the mosquitoes away.
Of the pain relief spray, evidence of how you accidentally dropped her
when she got too heavy.
Of vintage wine, stolen together as teens,
uncorked on the day you celebrated your son’s wedding.
Of the accidental fart, the only one she ever let out in your presence,
all nose and ears in those many years.
Of the flowers you gift her on every special day, every year,
in return for her everlasting love and presence.

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