Saturday, June 13, 2015

By me, always

There are no conditions in a relationship that is selfless. Your dignity is shared just like your heart. There are no priorities, just a lot of concern. His choices become yours. You seek happiness in his highs and cry with him through his lows. Yes, you are two individuals in this together. But the selflessness literally makes you a part of one common whole. When you get accolades, he knows he has made it big. When you fuck up, he feels disappointed at himself. He wants to see you grow, coz that is something he sees his happiness in. He will let you chase your dreams, explore different worlds. Keep his fears to himself and yet stand by you whenever you fall. He will bandage your bruises, be your crutches till you walk again. And even though you may not be all of this to him, he will still think you are worth it and be the same till your last breath..

That's the love that fairy tales talk of. That's the ideal and perfect guy every girl dreams of.. That's my guy, my blessing through my messes. My good deeds in my past life. My reason to pull on. My strength, my all.

And even though he may not understand me that well, even though he may fail to read my mind or complete my sentences.. He seems just right for a girl like me.. and I hope to love him till the end of time..

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