Sunday, May 24, 2015

I said a prayer for you today.. That you be healed of all your pains.. all that you endure - emotionally, physically, mentally. That may you be redeemed and lifted to a happier tomorrow.. Living your dreams. That your wounds be openings for the light to enter you.. Make your days brighter and bleach out the scars.. Wipe away those many conflicts of the past. I prayed He add my years to yours so I can watch you get back to your youth.. Something that I had always wished i had witnessed. I prayed He makes us meet in another lifetime, in another universe.. Where I could live my unfulfilled dreams with you. Where I could respect you, love you and tie myself to you, unconditionally, devoting all of me.. And I prayed if none of my other prayers, atleast He answer this one for me..

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