Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Know how much I crave to give you my share of moonlight
Know how much my hands miss yours on a rainy day
Know every song you sing keeps playing in my head
Or that tomorrow seems so far with you not by my side today

I wish you were across that table. Or behind that wall.
Or every gaze that trailed me. Or my inner voice, yours
I wish you heard all my conversations. Knew me better than myself.
Wish you were the leaves that fell on me on my way to work?
Or your fingers the breeze running through my hair?

I look my best everyday thinking I'd run into you
Or that a twist of fate could get us to the same home
Why does the bed sheet feel so huge? Why have I all the space I don't need?
Why do I go dancing with strangers when I could waltz with you? 

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