Saturday, April 25, 2015


Intimacy is unconditional. It’s not calculated over cuddles and kisses, or measured in lengths and depths. It’s not the number of orgasms, or minutes spent together, even years.

Intimacy is baring yourself, stripping down walls, letting one in. Intimacy is who you don’t mind waking up or waking up to. It’s what’s at the back of your head, through work, through leisure, through pain and pleasure. It’s the last thought before you sleep, the one who creeps into your dreams. It’s the full moon shining, the sound of waves; it’s a drop of rain that you feel and enjoy; a blank page that you fill with thoughts of them. It is non-existent fingers that creep into yours when you cry; it is invisible shoulders where you rest your head. It is eyes that see through masks and ears that comprehend silence. Intimacy is letting go and still being reachable. Love is what awakens the heart but intimacy is what sparks the soul. It’s not hitting the third base but reaching the lowest base, the core, you. Intimacy goes beyond life or death, beyond love and labels.

Love may happen over and over and so may lust… But intimacy is what comes along once in a lifetime.. or never.

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