Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Know how much I crave to give you my share of moonlight
Know how much my hands miss yours on a rainy day
Know every song you sing keeps playing in my head
Or that tomorrow seems so far with you not by my side today

I wish you were across that table. Or behind that wall.
Or every gaze that trailed me. Or my inner voice, yours
I wish you heard all my conversations. Knew me better than myself.
Wish you were the leaves that fell on me on my way to work?
Or your fingers the breeze running through my hair?

I look my best everyday thinking I'd run into you
Or that a twist of fate could get us to the same home
Why does the bed sheet feel so huge? Why have I all the space I don't need?
Why do I go dancing with strangers when I could waltz with you? 

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Intimacy is unconditional. It’s not calculated over cuddles and kisses, or measured in lengths and depths. It’s not the number of orgasms, or minutes spent together, even years.

Intimacy is baring yourself, stripping down walls, letting one in. Intimacy is who you don’t mind waking up or waking up to. It’s what’s at the back of your head, through work, through leisure, through pain and pleasure. It’s the last thought before you sleep, the one who creeps into your dreams. It’s the full moon shining, the sound of waves; it’s a drop of rain that you feel and enjoy; a blank page that you fill with thoughts of them. It is non-existent fingers that creep into yours when you cry; it is invisible shoulders where you rest your head. It is eyes that see through masks and ears that comprehend silence. Intimacy is letting go and still being reachable. Love is what awakens the heart but intimacy is what sparks the soul. It’s not hitting the third base but reaching the lowest base, the core, you. Intimacy goes beyond life or death, beyond love and labels.

Love may happen over and over and so may lust… But intimacy is what comes along once in a lifetime.. or never.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

And how I wish there wasn't a world beyond our arms..
Your scent the only smell known to me and you the only thing I tasted..
Your memories clear, your heart pure, your body untouched..
No ties to bind, no rules to live by, no one to please..
Just two cells mating in a Petri dish, oblivious to life beyond..
Take me to our world.. I'd love to be reborn.. As yours..

Monday, April 20, 2015

You may be a thread in the fabric of my life. But I can’t let you tie me down.

You may be a chain adorning my neck. But I can’t let you bind my words. 
I love you the most when you let me be…
Carefree. Mindless. Unbounded. Silly. Childish. Wild.
Not conforming to your thoughts. Not taking shape to your moulds. Just free flowing.
Not completing your sentences. Not sharing your zone. Living in one of my own.
Living fearlessly like an unchained soul. Complete. Satiated. Ambitious.
I love you the most when you see my soul. The way it is. Not as what you will it to be…

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Never hurt your children so much that they wish you never become parents again
So much that they lose their faith in themselves, lose all that they hold dear
So much that they feel diseased for life, wanting and yet unable to run away
So much that they don’t feel like children in age or appearance, older before their time
So much that the God inside them dies in regret of bringing them to your lap
So much that they’d rather not have their own children

Think twice before you hurl objects and abuses
Thrice before you blow away that money in cards and smokes
And even more before you step into that adulterous trap
God is watching… And so are your children

Monday, April 13, 2015

Why would I revel in a half-hearted hug, when I find peace in cuddling the air that feels of you..
Why would your lips seal the fate of mine, when I know a flying kiss waits around the corner...
Why are we afraid of being seen together, when our souls sleep entwined every night...
Why cant we lay a stone for real, when we have built so many castles in our dreams..
Why do we battle our feelings like adults, when deep down we are two children in love..

Thursday, April 9, 2015

When someone slowly bleeds out of you..
When eyes just stare and speak nothing..
And words aborted before they're thought..
You know you're dying..
The world thinks someone killed you..
 No one knows, you did it yourself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One day, our souls were one
The other day, even our shadows refused to meet

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How long is a while?
Is it the very next second
Or an era in another lifetime

How much will you let me drift?
Far enough to still be able to tug
Or would you cut the thread away

Will we be the same again?
Together in the illusion of soulmates
Or individuals bound by compromise

Why is it so difficult to let go?
Because there’s no love where there once was
Or you love enough for both of us

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We all wear a mask.. We fear to let the world see it slip off.. But how does it feel, to face yourself in the mirror, without that mask.. Does it still feel like you? Or do you see a different person? Logically it's the real you. So different from worldly perception. So different from what you think of you.. Two faces, two souls, two lives.. In one body.