Sunday, March 29, 2015

Love was never meant to be all black or white. There are these grey areas that haunt. Greys of self worth and independence. Of circumstances. Of changing individuals. Of another love. Of realisations. And slowly the grey pushes you to black. A heart of darkness, of nothingness. Where something lived once upon a time. But hell, you don't miss it. You grow to like the darkness. Your thoughts, your responses, your writing. It all goes dark. Till one fine day another ray of light hits you. Walking you towards the grey again. And if it is strong enough, to push you towards white again. But how long would this ray live on.. You'll find yourself in the greys again.. Or black maybe. I know not what is the colour of my heart. And which of these three are great for it. I'll let my heart go with the flow and explore it all. Coz whatever be the colour, my heart's unbreakable.

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Anonymous said...

My philosophy: "If you can Love again, your earlier Love was not real or sincere Love"

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