Thursday, March 26, 2015

I am an empath at heart.. I know what you think in that mind of yours. I know just the words you are going to speak, just the reaction you are going to have. Your lows, your highs, try hiding them from me.. You can't. I need not be your soul mate, need not be around you all the while. It's just a connection I can't explain. A vibe maybe, that just lets me know it all.. I am an empath at heart.. But unlike most theories, it does not bring me social anxiety. It redeems me from my messes. Telling me I'm not alone. That there are bigger demons out there. That I could help someone fight them.. I am an empath at heart.. And if I find another empath in you, who thinks and feels the same way as I do, I'll let you fight my demons for me..

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