Sunday, April 6, 2014

To all my angels who are watching me from up there.. If life was as beautiful as the poets and priests described it, I guess they were hallucinating. For those who said happiness is for us to find, forgot to add the disclaimer that it works as long as one is in a happy surrounding. For those who said love is made in heavens above, never found any explanation to those tormented by it. And for you, who went away, leaving so many behind to suffer, we await to revel in the same salvation as you, someday..
I guess Einstein was quoting Karma when he propounded every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Does that imply every emotion would get its due at some point in life? That every tear shed will be balanced with a bout of laughter? That every sudden death culminate in rebirth? That every wrong unto others would beget a wrong to you? That every quest for peace in times of turmoil would be met, against all odds, in some space and time? I am not an optimist. But Karma makes me so. It gives me the promise of the happy returns I deserve. In an unknown point in time, in life or in death or another lifetime. I know peace shall be mine..