Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old photos

It's not mirrors that take you back into the past. It's photographs. And some memories just live in there. You don't know if they happened for real, no cell in your brain remembers it, apart from a piece of paper. While some pieces trace the entire story, even those that your mind wishes to forget. Yet you don't have the heart to tear away that paper, burn it, or even delete it forever. You'd rather keep that last memory of the event. You may remember it entirely some day. It may make you smile, cry, take you back to a time in life where no one else can. And even if you do get rid of it, to rid your mind, it would haunt you at night as a regret. And slowly a few days would get those final memories wiped off. Id rather let keep the old photo. Forgotten in a folder, stashed in the behinds of my drawer. Never to come across them, but with the solace that they're there, safe, waiting for me to revisit them some day.