Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The painting

The canvas of life seems ridden with chaos. Oils mixed with water. Pastel hues covered in shadows. And the palette with its myriad colours keeps adding to it. Pugmarks, droplets, strikes and slashes creating a haphazard story. The story of unrest, discontent and destruction. Slashed midway by the arms of a scissor. Some shredded corners and some burnt edges. Broken glass bottles and missing paint brushes. And the artist dreamt of a beautiful picture when the page was blank.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I met the sea today. In search of something lost. It was heartening to know that she still romanced the breeze. That the sun kissed her everyday, cuddling to her bosom with its rays. She must have witnessed so many promises, so many sweet nothings, in so many years. So many pairs of feet walking on her coastline. So many ways of displaying affection. So many examples of temporary companionship. And look at her dance at the slightest swing of wind. Blush as the sun gazes at her... Some love stories are meant to be indeed..

Friday, February 14, 2014

It all feels so superficial. Like a forced attempt to please.. Whatever happened to the times when the Heart ruled the Mind When smiling and satisfaction came easy Those moments lost in deep thought What of the long nights I could stare at the moon and feel delighted? Where is that sea I could hear all my life? That canvas that tempted me to share my innermost dreams That pen that went dry when the Mind was pouring? Oh, what happened to yesterday's dreams? Why do I fear them as nightmares today? The bright light of optimism that shone, seems to be lost in clouds of self-doubt. Shuddering at every flash of memory Why has this acceptance crept in? Has the hunger been satiated, or cremated? And in this wild maze of thought will I find the missing pieces I seek?