Monday, September 9, 2013

Entangled minds - The final chapter

Dear Joy,
I know we should not be talking. That even though there are umpteen reminders in the day and plenty of nightmares, we cannot try and cover up for this self-imposed distance. But I know this is one way, I can make my words reach you, with a faint hope that you still read me here...
I am so happy for you. I'm glad you have found another love in Aparna. I should have known quite a while back, but just heard it from a third person. I secretly wish, you had told me yourself, like I did. But well, we are so done trying to hurt each other.
Maybe this was the closure we both needed. An end to my guilt and your heart ache. A remedy to heal us, both.
I hope you love eachother till the end of time.
And knowing us, we would never intentionally cross eachother's paths. If fate has a meeting, a conversation in store, it will happen when it has to.
Until then, I'm always there for you.

Yours (a different meaning now)

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