Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This madly spinning world. Is it going too fast or are we stuck somewhere?


You shadow under the many streetlights. Your lap by the seaface. Your armrest during every walk. Your critic on shopping sprees. Your personal hair stylist. Your wardrobe manager. Your diet expert. Your bandage and gauze doctor through umpteen road accidents. Your partner in crime through foodie conquests. Your cook when the maid betrayed you. Your entertainer when the tv conked off. Your saving grace before your parents. Your early morning alarm. Your happiness. Your tears. Your backbone for today and promise for tomorrow..
I was all of this to you. I thought I could play these roles all over again..
Alas... It was a different play, a different audience. A different stage.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Free fall

"This is where my life began, and this is where it shall end." She stood at the ledge, staring into the sunset. There were so many sunsets she had witnessed in his arms on that very terrace. But, now he was gone. Even the winds had stopped carrying his aura. Unfamiliarity was gripping. It had been quite long since the departure. She gave one last look and shut her eyes. Clenched her fists and tilted backwards. There were times she did that, only to fall into his arms. But, the arms were gone. Gravity tugged harder. Was it a thud? Or a final heartbeat. What was the point? He was not around to hear any.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Entangled minds - The final chapter

Dear Joy,
I know we should not be talking. That even though there are umpteen reminders in the day and plenty of nightmares, we cannot try and cover up for this self-imposed distance. But I know this is one way, I can make my words reach you, with a faint hope that you still read me here...
I am so happy for you. I'm glad you have found another love in Aparna. I should have known quite a while back, but just heard it from a third person. I secretly wish, you had told me yourself, like I did. But well, we are so done trying to hurt each other.
Maybe this was the closure we both needed. An end to my guilt and your heart ache. A remedy to heal us, both.
I hope you love eachother till the end of time.
And knowing us, we would never intentionally cross eachother's paths. If fate has a meeting, a conversation in store, it will happen when it has to.
Until then, I'm always there for you.

Yours (a different meaning now)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Portfolio up!


Some procrastinator I have been. I'm glad it's finally up.

Friday, September 6, 2013

You know you can save me. From withering. From falling. Sinking into this deep dark abyss. A little tug against the tide of pushes. A little grasp against a volley of forces. You can redeem me. Stop being the bystander. Curb that ignorance. Shove that ego away. However much you hate to admit, you still do care. It does matter, still. Don't just stand there, lost in doubt. You have done this before. Don't you remember? Then what stops you now? Act fast. The pulse is weakening. The blood will run dry soon. Pages will blank out. Soon, it will be dust. Burnt embers. Broken shards beyond repair. Raise your voice. Make this storm calmer. Reach out and stretch your hand. Just once...