Friday, August 9, 2013


And somewhere I'm glad I am the only one who knows-it-all.. And always will.. No you will never get the opportunity, to know the depths of my love, explore my realms of emotions, to strike the chords of my heart. No, because I will never allow you to. It's like an area where entry in forbidden. A land that no one knows exists. A space that only theorists claim to have propounded and not proved. It's the deepest recess of my being. A zone I visit in my dreams. A universe of my own, where I feel like the Creator. An illusionistic world where love is fulfilled and the guilty are punished. Where nightmares stalk but stand defeated.
Maybe that's what they call the parallel universe. The one inside of us, which we wish was for real.
Try dissecting an Aquarian mind...

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