Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The earth and the sky

If you are my earth, let me be your sky.. Shielding you from the wrath of the universe.. Sending you dewdrops of kisses at dawn, keeping you warm in the embrace of sunrays, adorning you with starlit nights..
Your trees would grow tall and reach out to me, I'd shower your heart with rains of love.. I would see myself in your oceanic eyes while you would write me notes in clouds.. We'd look at each other night and day.. Tossing and turning in each others arms.. Exploring new lands and constellations with every season.. Chirping birds would celebrate our union, flying in bliss, carrying to me the aroma of your soil on their feet.. And you could feel my presence in their wings I touched..
And we'd spend billions of years together, glued to each other through good and bad.

If you are my earth, let me be your sky...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The wings are emerging slowly
With every bout of torment
With every splash of pain
They are growing out of need
The need to escape to a distant land
To a point of no return
Far from one reality to another
Blossoming with regrets
Yesterday's spots unfaded
Emerging from a cocoon of darkness
Taking flight in silent steps
At the mercy of the winds
Not knowing if rainbows exist
Just hoping to find a colour
To add to colourless wings

I let him fly away
And now I shall too

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I am a reclaimer of yesterdays. Somewhere bridging gaps is all that life demands of me. Nay, I do not wish to embark on new conquests. Nor do I thirst in ambitious diversions. I have lived my glorious days. My land has seen harvests of gold. Rainfalls of love and bountiful showers of prosperity. And when the war came, he swept it all away. He ripped me apart and stole all the jewels. The promised land was rendered barren. My people migrated to greener pastures. But I sought refuge in memories. The texts were burnt, the scholars killed. No evidence remained. A few shards of weapons, a few broken pieces of wood, an epitome of devastation.
Is now where I'll take refuge..

Friday, August 9, 2013


And somewhere I'm glad I am the only one who knows-it-all.. And always will.. No you will never get the opportunity, to know the depths of my love, explore my realms of emotions, to strike the chords of my heart. No, because I will never allow you to. It's like an area where entry in forbidden. A land that no one knows exists. A space that only theorists claim to have propounded and not proved. It's the deepest recess of my being. A zone I visit in my dreams. A universe of my own, where I feel like the Creator. An illusionistic world where love is fulfilled and the guilty are punished. Where nightmares stalk but stand defeated.
Maybe that's what they call the parallel universe. The one inside of us, which we wish was for real.
Try dissecting an Aquarian mind...