Saturday, June 1, 2013

To love that grows...

I've been the older one before.. But now I'd rather be a child.
With not a care and apprehension.. Cherishing futures and fantasies wild.

With all my lessons learnt in life.. I can't promise I'll ever mature.
The only solace you can take is.. My love for you will grow for sure.

I am in no hurry to take your name.. Id wait for you my entire life.
Until you don't dissect my heart .. And declare me fit to be your wife.

I know you've seen showers of love.. Examples you'd abide by.
But all I have is hopes and promises.. For I've seen rivers running dry.

It takes patience and a fonder heart.. To recognise the time is right.
And once you know that I'm yours.. We'll dance to tunes of sheer delight.

Till then I'll bask in your attention.. Missing your presence till I grow insane.
Yet glowing in your ether of passion..Falling for you time over and again.

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