Sunday, April 28, 2013


I felt like I had surrendered everything
To the water, to those waves.
I had never felt so redeemed, so lighter, so alive.
Yes, my breath was restricted. I was told to not use my nose.
And slowly I let go, every inhibition. Every fear.
I let myself float. Eyes wide open. Staring into the blue.
Yes, there was a floor underneath me. I could see it.
But I could hear nothing. Not a single panicky voice. Not a single taunt.
Just a thumping inside my chest. A really overjoyed one.
I held on to a rod for a while. And then I let it go.
I let myself float. In the same water that once drowned me.
I breathed out when I could hold no longer. I surrendered myself.
Over and over and over again. I was addicted to its dominance.
The water and its ripples. I wanted them to command me.
I wanted to sway to their tunes. Bob up and down with every gush.
Even as I stood , I didn't need a floor under me. I let go.
And it carried me. Back and forth. To the safer shore.
I walked across the huge mass. It slowly consumed me and let me emerge.
And soon I became one with the blues.

Just what you need after a waterlogged day.
A peaceful swim.

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