Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meant to be

As the night falls
Your warm embrace beckons me 
We draw a sign of protection
An invisible mark that guards our being
I watch you lean and shut your eyes
As your lips slowly consume me 
I wish you'd never drift away
I hear you sinking slowly
Your breath settling for comfort
Soon humming a constant pattern
No worries, no cares, no fears
Everything lost to silence
And I smile as I watch you
Because it's not a different world
You'll be travelling to
I'll follow you arm in arm
Wherever your dreams take you
And we'll paint them together
Because our union transcends 
Space, time and mortal boundaries
Even realities
And every time I shut my eyes
I find you form within
Somewhere behind my eyelids
A vision unseen
It etches out slowly
A formless broken outline
The colours fill in
Bit by bit, drop by drop
As you slowly grew closer
Like wine fermented over time
To my soul and being
Like a flawless piece of marble
Your purity consumes me
Like a gust of wind
You sweep me off my feet
Like the permanence of the sky
I know this is meant to be

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