Friday, February 15, 2013

The way back

Human psychology is actually not as complex as we think it to be. All it takes is a compatibility between the needs of the mind and the desires of the heart. The third zone, the world is something that is out of our realm, but being social animals, the world becomes an important deciding factor, even in situations that it should not be. The conflict is often between the mind and the heart, and when truce is called, the world strikes. The world full of so many minds and so many hearts. You face the music there as well. Efforts are made to arrive at a consensus. But here, consensus implies a compromise. The world will never compromise. It is always you who has to bend and hit the gallows.

We maybe the rebels to the world, but for someone else, we are a part of that cruel world. We are one of those minds, one of those hearts. One of the reasons for someone’s sacrifice. One of the causes of a probable suicide. A mercy killing of ambitions. A loss of hope. A missing flame. And many dead men walking in search of their abandoned souls.

You may be soul searching as you read this. You may be trying to make the ends meet. But each time you give it a shot, the ends move even further away. You may be just one of those dead men trying to seek a common interest between you and this world. You may be one of those afflicted who are lost in the war between choice and consequence. You must be the one trying to find your way out of that maze.
“Hold my hand. We’ll walk it through.” How you wish you could say that.

But it’s never too late to rescue. The sea is full of those wanderers. Each one seeking a destination – real, virtual. You are a part of them. Hold one hand. Reach it to a safer shore. It really does not take much. 

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atul randev said...

I have found a common interest between me and the world- life. A life without sacrifice wouldn't be half the fun, you win some, you lose some, it keeps things intersting. The world is not a singular entity, it is a cummulation of billions of moving points, the world cannot be cruel and it cannot be kind, the world just is, you cannot hate someone who screws you over once you realize that to him screwing you over was the greatest act of kindness ever, kindness for himself and not for you- but thats the way of life.

At the end of the day, the heart (being more than a blood pump) is the biggest delusion of all.

I like your post, I probably missed a point at some place and i apologise for that.

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