Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Defeat! Accepted! Really?
We can't please everyone. There has to be a compromise involved somewhere down the line, or maybe some catch.

What happens when a trait you are so proud of, so much that it runs like a wild passion in your veins is at stake? The world is aiming at you its dirty questions, ugly doubts surround you. And there is just that one meek voice within which says, you still have it in you? Could the world be lying, for a change?

So, what if I give in to worldly opinions? Am I being a coward to myself? Do I stand justified in killing something within me? Why is acceptance so important to seek, yet so hard to find? Why can't one live without it. Why can't one revel in self belief? Or is my inner voice fooling me...

Why do the most trivial and hurting conversations have to happen when you least expect them to? Why does the past stalk you in the broad daylight of the present? Why can't the sunshine erase those shadows, or even still, keep them off my sight?

Why do I feel like this tiny speck with no connection whatsoever to the grand scheme called the universe? Why is the ideal world making me realize the presence of those potholes, those deficiencies. Every gap that I tried my level best to mend, but failed at.

For how long will these questions last? Is there an answer that I'll find?
Will I find acceptance?