Friday, December 14, 2012

The scent

Every person who enters your life, leaves his scent behind... 

It is difficult to describe, but easily identifiable.. That musky fragrance with a hint of cigarette smoke. Your manly sweat mingling with it. I remember how it used to consume me. Fill me from within. Those long embraces, with no knowledge of days or nights. So contagious that it spread all over me, my skin, hair and clothes. That aura, so individual, so you. So irresistibly alluring. That aroma of security, of your presence in my life.

You never revealed to me what it was called. I always wanted to know… Now, every time someone wears it, it reminds me of you. Of those moments I spent in your arms.

That scent of you… it still lingers.
In the deep recesses of my senses, you linger..
Somewhere in a faraway world, we linger…

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