Thursday, December 13, 2012


If only I could question them all and ask, what went wrong where
Scream at them and tell them how they broke me over time
And made me immune to an extent that I stopped getting angry
How the pain they inflicted sent me into a shell and changed my dreams forever
No, I don’t want to hear that voice, not even a whisper
I can remember all that distinct screaming and yelling
And my blood boils the moment I hear that bitter noise
I don’t want to see that face, it reminds me of all those tears
The one that snatched away those laughters
Those roads and streets, that room, let me stay out of it
The wounds may turn fresh again
I saw all of you in a lucid dream, I slapped you’ll and vented my heart
And then there was a sigh of relief, of jubilation
Of years of misery and regrets
I still regret baring myself to you’ll, being an open book
You’ll knew where it’d hurt the most
However much I try I cannot disconnect
We are here in this lifetime bounded by names
Only death can draw the much needed full stop
Yes there was hatred, there was negativity, a lot of it
I have pushed the burden off my heart
But every time I try to forgive, an action you do proves me wrong
I empathize though for all those moments of love and concern
For all its trueness and depth, for its virtues and purity
Now has come the time for me, to lift myself from the mess
To look ahead and not backwards
I know not what the future holds, I have forgotten what it is to hope
Optimism will be born with time
I am learning to trust afresh, understanding love all over again
This feeling of unconditional bliss consumes me
I know not what the world thinks, I know not jealousy and solidarity
I know myself, I know those mistakes
And I know I won’t make them again…

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