Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a little... maybe

There is that little tug you feel
When you see glimpses into what life used to be. When you see assurance of a different kind, that used to exist. All that faith that you once revelled in. All those beliefs, once enough to challenge the world, though now turned to ashes.

There is a little change in the way you think
Just so that the world does not judge you. So that you don’t have to battle your way through acceptance. And the deed has to be done, without compromising on personal ideologies. Without losing your identity.

There is a little hint of an inner voice
A voice that tells you to be true to yourself. To not let an external pressure dominate your reality. To live in what exists and move on from what cannot. A sprinkling of a doubt that should be done away with before it morphs into a mountain.

There is a little compromise
In everything you do. A repetition because first times become a rarity. A lost sense of novelty in times and practices. A stage where you don’t wish to take that extra mile, when fears become a deciding factor.

Some things just seem little... 

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