Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It happened one moment...

Some stares locked away in those four walls
A hug that held back on the ledge of that 8th floor balcony
That bed was the first one we cuddled up and slept on
Right on this point of the earth, you first held my hand
We have a stolen kiss on that pavement
That lamp post, it united our shadows on the first date
That huge rock where we once scribbled our names

Those stars that we gazed at together, glimmering at the same spots 
The chilling water of that cooler that woke us every bottle-turn
Our first performance happened in that auditorium, on that very stage
That shoot when eyes met for the reel and heartbeats skipped for real
Alcohol bottles that still bring back picnics and road trips
The studio where darkness and favorite tunes had a blissful union in dance
A painting with our finger imprints once fresh, now dried

The slides and bars once gigantic, seem smaller now
The abandoned chair in the corner of the room had its prime too
The tooth that broke in a pillow fight that later progressed to fists
The ice cream stall where my tantrums always lost the battle
Occasions remembered through clothes, jewelry and photos
Pages of a diary where life and times attempted to stop themselves
Deja-vu moments - a dream or a past reality brought to life again?

Objects and places stay, it's time that keeps ticking by...

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