Sunday, November 18, 2012

The glorious fall...

The eyes speak of a new emotion,
Try as much, but you cannot hide,
Stolen glances get commonplace,
And soon the gazes clash.

Conversations build, little by little,
Souls are bared with every word,
Secrets told, dreams unfold,
Newer vows exchanged for old.

New arms take time to get used to,
They radiate a different warmth,
The comfort and security remains,
Soon to harbor every little fear.

We start with counting every kiss,
and soon the numbers get random,
While some get lost in transition,
Some get locked in a hypnotic trance.

Every breath exudes a dire need
Every flickering pulse a worry
But every gesture reflects an assurance
To be loved and loved unto eternity.

Time starts flying when you want it to stop,
Heartbeats racing against moments,
And past hurts don't matter as much as,
The pleasant sweet sighs of today.

The road ahead seems a bed of roses,
The mind still delves in broken pieces,
The heart has already started weaving,
The threads of a beautiful tomorrow.

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Dr. Priteesh Chotai said...

I liked 'Time starts flying when you want it to stop'. Simple but effective.

Himankur said...

this was really really beautiful :) luved it :D

livinlyrics said...

This is brilliant <3

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