Sunday, November 11, 2012


Don’t know what’s happening in life and why? Your mind and heart have conflicting battles. Destiny has all the answers.
No one can challenge destiny. It fuels intuitions and realities. Learn to recognize those subtle hints, those hidden signals. It is your fate that communicates to you. It surpasses all wants and desires and makes you dance to its own wonderful tunes. Look back, connect the dots, you’ll know what an important role fate plays. Go against it, it clobbers you.
It is destiny that brings two people together. And destiny that takes them apart.
It is destiny that gets the timing right or wrong.
It is destiny that lays the terms and conditions.
It is destiny that pays you all your dues in life.
It is destiny that gives you newer memories.
It is destiny that gives you a second chance. Because only destiny knows, you deserve it. 

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