Thursday, November 29, 2012

The intriguing sky

We don't wake up early enough to see the sun rise.
We don't leave work early enough to see a bigger moon rise in the sky.

When was the last time we slept under the moonlight?
Or the last time we saw a raging red sky mingling with azure tints?
Have you ever questioned the patterns of an eclipse?
How often do our eyes search for particular constellations?
Did you know differentiating stars from planets was more fun?

You rather grab a camera when you see the sun's rays breaking under a cloud.
Or gaze at the craters on the moon through a telescope.

Behold. Stand. Stare. Admire that beautiful dome that protects us. That vast expanse of ever changing hues, which tells us how big, yet small the Earth is. 
The envelope that unites us with the rest of the Universe. The sky. 
It may all be too far, but the sight is still an amazing one. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

You... had to be you... all this while...

You are my skipped heartbeat
You are my shivering spine
You are my inner voice
You are the apple of my eye

You are my dose of laughter
You are the barrier for tears
You are my armor and knight
You are a blissful reality

You are my adorable kid
You are my doting daddy
You are the solutions and answers
You are my comforting guide

You are the world to me
You are my soulmate
You are what I ask I had asked Him for
You are just what I need

I'm Yours...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The glorious fall...

The eyes speak of a new emotion,
Try as much, but you cannot hide,
Stolen glances get commonplace,
And soon the gazes clash.

Conversations build, little by little,
Souls are bared with every word,
Secrets told, dreams unfold,
Newer vows exchanged for old.

New arms take time to get used to,
They radiate a different warmth,
The comfort and security remains,
Soon to harbor every little fear.

We start with counting every kiss,
and soon the numbers get random,
While some get lost in transition,
Some get locked in a hypnotic trance.

Every breath exudes a dire need
Every flickering pulse a worry
But every gesture reflects an assurance
To be loved and loved unto eternity.

Time starts flying when you want it to stop,
Heartbeats racing against moments,
And past hurts don't matter as much as,
The pleasant sweet sighs of today.

The road ahead seems a bed of roses,
The mind still delves in broken pieces,
The heart has already started weaving,
The threads of a beautiful tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Don’t know what’s happening in life and why? Your mind and heart have conflicting battles. Destiny has all the answers.
No one can challenge destiny. It fuels intuitions and realities. Learn to recognize those subtle hints, those hidden signals. It is your fate that communicates to you. It surpasses all wants and desires and makes you dance to its own wonderful tunes. Look back, connect the dots, you’ll know what an important role fate plays. Go against it, it clobbers you.
It is destiny that brings two people together. And destiny that takes them apart.
It is destiny that gets the timing right or wrong.
It is destiny that lays the terms and conditions.
It is destiny that pays you all your dues in life.
It is destiny that gives you newer memories.
It is destiny that gives you a second chance. Because only destiny knows, you deserve it. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The permission

You secretly crept your way into my heart
And then I crept into yours
And then you walked away, unannounced
Without leaving any traces of answers

I have killed it all
I have buried the hatchet
And now I wish to leave too
Allow me, just this one time

Set me free from the bondage
Of false promises, fake hopes
Let me listen to my heart
It now sings a different song

I seek your permission
To cut myself off and let me go
Free this guilty conscience of mine
And say you love me no more