Friday, October 26, 2012


An appliance that does not work anymore, you get it exchanged.A worn out pair of shoes, a purse torn apart, you go buy a new one.
A diary that's run out of pages, you switch to a new one.
An affected organ in the body, the doctor advises a transplant.
A dead spouse, the world advises second marriage.
A tree cut, the Government requests you to plant 10 instead.
A family loses an elder, finds solace in a newborn addition. 

The human mind is obsessed with finding replacements...
Hell bent on filling up the voids in life
But not anything and everything be replaced...
Not all blank spaces can be filled

Sometimes, emptiness is what should be treasured, nurtured.
But then again....for how long can memories fuel survival?
For how long will you feed yourself with past glories, smile at old photographs with dried tears, read old letters without a twitch in your heart? For how long will you sit by the grave, preserve the remnants, hold on?

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Anonymous said...

Replacement though commonplace does carry a sense of guilt. The degree varies depending on the situation. But any replacement still leaves a small emptiness in the heart.

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