Friday, October 19, 2012

Mercy killing...

I have seen her life seeping out of her
Bit by bit, in intermittent sighs
Heard her whining in excruciating pain
Putting down all her defenses and hopes

Does she know it's her last day tomorrow?
Does she know they are putting her down?
Does she know her sufferings will end
All in a minute's time?

One shot can ease the pain
One shot can end all sufferings
One shot is all it takes
To traverse from life to death

They say it's all for the better,
But who gave us the authority to decide?
What if she lives a few breaths more?
What if she gets miraculously saved?

I drew a cross on her forehead
I know that chances are bleak
I know within it's our last meeting
I pray He makes it easy

I took that fateful long-avoided decision
I feel guilty that I spared a miracle
I feel at peace to know she'd be happy
I know she'll understand and thank me in a dream

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Anonymous said...

Wow I love the underlying sentiment. I can relate to this post as I have with my own eyes witnessed a kitten merely a few day old slowly and painfully dying in my house. No miracle happened sadly.

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