Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Entangled minds - VII

He could not just take his eyes off Eileen. She looked so different from her usual self. And so different from every other woman around. Had she been the only one in that room he would have drawn her in his arms and looked into those kohl smudged eyes for long. Gently pushed aside her curling locks behind her ears and whispered sweet nothings amidst the jingle of her earrings. He could feel her soft velvety hands against his manly chest, his arms tracing her perfectly shaped back, finally resting against her waist. Her heart was beating faster or was it his pulse? He had never been in this close proximity to her. He could feel her rhythmic breathing, as he inhaled her. And her eyes gradually closing as she lifted her chin and drew closer.

Was this the moment?
No. His phone buzzed.
Was it all a mirage? A figment of his imagination?
He was jolted back to reality. She was standing metres away, hidden from his gaze by a group of friends.
But he knew for a fact, the feeling was mutual.  

Didn't he feel like a hypocrite avoiding a conversation all day, afraid that she would catch him ogling. Didn't he trust his hands, that he would unintentionally creep towards her every time she stood next to him. Didn't he have a control on his emotions anymore.

They say love does that to you. But Joy was not ready to admit his love. He could not. He'd rather bury it. An engagement ring on his finger was supposed to have strangulated his budding desires. Just yesterday.

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