Sunday, October 7, 2012

Entangled minds - V

“Check and Mate!”
This was the third consecutive time Joy had defeated her.
“You take silent pleasure in putting me down, don’t you?” she protested.
“It was a fair and square game lost! Though I hate to see a pretty thing like you lose.”
It was tough game for him facing her. He was the ace, the undefeated champion at the chessboard. While she was someone who could literally take his mind off the game with just a flicker of her lashes. Not that she deliberately made attempts to woo him off his tactical moves, though unknowingly, in vain.
“But I must appreciate! You did put up a tough fight right till the end,” he chuckled.
“Pleasure,” she smiled.
“Another game?”
“No. I have to head home. Some other day.”
“I wanna lose to you someday Eileen.”
She understood it all. All his subtle signals, his words that said something and meant something else, his constant craving to be around her all the time. Why was it always so that they uncannily ended up spending more time together? Why was it that she was the only one who agreed to play against him while the rest backed off? Why were they always made to sit together at the lunch table? Why would he urge to spend holidays with her when he had many others to hang out with? Why was he always trying to be her knight in shining armour? All this made her feel special and she saw nothing wrong with it, as long as Joy was within his limits. But she had her limitations, grave ones, because of which she chose to ignore it all. It was all pointless.
Because she knew what Joy didn’t, that it was not meant to last.
She could only smile...

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