Friday, October 5, 2012

Entangled minds - IV

It had been 3 hours since they had spoken a word. Locked away from the maddening chaos, that was their little space, or so he thought. A space for possible intimate thoughts between intimate strangers.  But that day they seemed to be more alien than the day they first met.
He was the first to break the silence amidst the constant clatter of the keyboards.

“Where is your phone?” he asked meekly.
She lifted her head from her laptop screen and looked at him and then briefly glanced to her left. In a fraction of a second her eyes shot back to the screen. He saw the lifeless piece of metal lying abandoned on the chair next to her. The light glowing off its screen, a song was still playing on it and the headphones were a royal mess above the screen. The tune was not as audible as to recognize, but it seemed like a distantly hummed melody.
“Err.. I sent you something Eileen,” his voice yearned to hear her’s.
“Well, I am right in front of you. Tell me what you have to,” she said unmoved.
“No. Check your phone.”
She reluctantly disengaged herself from a half typed sentence and reached towards her phone, paused the song, unplugged the headphones and saw an unread message. She opened it.
And finally he saw what he was longing to, her radiant smile.


Oh how I wish I could tell her that her smile made my day. I’d trade a million rupees, just to see that twinkle in her eyes, that glow across her cheeks. I often wondered what got her serious. I hated it when she brooded. But, well her moods were unpredictable to the hilt and her silence could surely kill.
“You loved her didn’t you dad?”
“I was never able to figure out what I truly felt for Eileen. She just mattered a lot to me.”
"She still does. Right Joy?"
Aparna stood at the bedroom door with his piping hot tea. 

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