Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Entangled minds - III

The rain had grown to a woeful blizzard. The bus station looked like a sea of umbrellas and raincoat clad workers returning home from a busy day. The road was beginning to get flooded, much to his disregard.
“You hate the rain eh?” she mocked.
“No. It’s just that I have my phone and my bag and a cold.”
“Ah don’t bother. A little rain did no harm!”
She tugged his hand and pulled him off the stairway to the roofed skywalk that they were just about to take, instead onto the lane below.
“No. You can’t be serious!” he groaned back.
“Stop cribbing! You are drenched already.”
So much for him having left his umbrella behind at home, and so much for her dire hatred towards carrying one! She loved the rains to death. She could walk in that storm all day with the grace of a swan, without complaining. And she loved it more when she had company.
They walked on amidst puddles, wet flowers, mucky cement, strewn food, making their way through a host of umbrellas hitting their heads, finally making it to the bus he was to take to head back home.
“There. You’re finally going to have a roof on your head on your way back,” she teased.
“Never mind. I am drenched already,” he teased her back.
“Goodbye and have a safe journey,” her eyes gleaming with joy.
“Goodbye and…  I love the rains too,” he whispered just before boarding. Although she tried hiding it, he didn’t miss the pink blush of her face in the chaos.


“A lot of conversations happened that evening, between me and Eileen. Some talks that I’d rather restrict to my fading memories. But I remember we spent nearly an hour at that bus station. No, I was not yet in love with her, not yet.”

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Arpita Bhattacharjee said...

sentimental...yet interesting play of visual imagery were youve put the age old cheesy story with a fresh perception. :D

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather the posts were longer. Nice post though.

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