Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bidding adieu

I know you'll go away too, one fine day
And all the trouble I went through
To get used to your likes and dislikes
All the emotions I invested
To get myself to start adoring you
Will all be in vain

I will have to undo it all
All the cells in my brain that carry you
Every memory will have to be wiped off
Each object that reminds me of you
Will have to be disposed off forever

And eventhough you say you won't go
I know it's temporary
I will live in this moment
Till you're here by my side
Although it's not meant to last

But I have started preparing myself
To get un-used to you
Started telling myself
To not hoard more of you
Started telling myself
The end is near

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's best to let go. BTW suddenly so many poems? Whats the matter?

The Wanderer said...

It's called a writing high, my friend.
Enjoy reading till it lasts...

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