Friday, September 21, 2012

Yakkity yakkity yak!

What a funny, manic start to the day.
Its only 10am and I have already heard 10 people (not kidding) grumbling and venting out since morning.

It started at home. Then continued as I walked my way to office. The world is indeed immersed in problems. A ragpicker abusing a dog for raiding the dustbin, an auto guy expressing his anger over rising fuel prices, a woman yelling at her husband over the phone, a man shouting at his driver in the middle of the road, two crows fighting. And suddenly when I saw some hope in the form of a junior I met as I was reaching the colony gate, sigh, her phone rang and history repeated itself.. And soon a dumper full of trash passed from right next to me...

The thoughts of a nervous breakdown were rampant in my head. But it's human tendency to forget one's state of being when one sees others in the same boat. It was weird feeling de-stressed after being a witness to a host of negativity.

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