Friday, September 14, 2012

Tips to a better living

This is something I learnt, some tips that make me a happier person...
  1. You don’t need a soulmate, you don’t need someone to pamper or share all your problems with. You just need the right company, the right set of people around at the right time.
  2. Visit the sea often. Let the waves totally wash you off. You literally feel as if all your tensions are being taken away by a greater force of nature. Let loose with the wind. Don’t be afraid of your clothes getting dirty.It feels good to let loose and forget the world once in a while.
  3. Have a shrink in your life.Make your best friend (someone you can comfortably cry your heart and lungs out to, who has a valid reason and solution to your problems) a shrink. If you don’t trust family or friends, take professional help. The world is changing and somewhere everyone needs a shrink. Remember, a person can never be a good shrink to oneself, but he/she can be a great shrink to others.
  4. Stay miles away from cribbers. The world is a beautiful place and it pays to be optimistic!
  5. The definition of a date could mean a simple food outing or spending time together. Stop treating the term like a serious commitment attached to a guilt factor. You could go out with a friend, a sibling, your mom, your dad! It really helps because opening up and discussing all that you have bottled up makes you feel better! And as someone rightly said, it's not the place that matters, but company.
  6. Eat and pig out to your heart's content. 
  7. All guys are assholes and all girls are bitches, in their own ways at some point in life.
And I appreciate all those who drilled this sense into me.. if they are reading this. 

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Anonymous said...

I think this post is a result of selective bad experiences. It is true that not all people are angels but it's slightly harsh to label people as bad unless they prove to be otherwise. But the thing about getting clothes dirty is true, be it sea, wind or even a tree, nature has the power to heal.

The Wanderer said...

Every case has its exceptions. And if you meet one, consider yourself lucky :)

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