Sunday, September 30, 2012

The landing

Have you ever had the thought of leaping off a tall building?
The feel of the redeeming wind against your body..
The lightness, the weightlessness..
The freedom of being suspended into nothingness..
The tossing about and somersaults without harnesses..
A faint scream of fear and delight..
The last few seconds of the thumping heart..
And then the sudden halt as you hit the grounded reality..
Bringing an end to this glorious flight…called life.
Blood oozing, crackled bones, mangled limbs,
Lifelessness creeping in gradually..
The final breath, the last sigh…the end.
It’s so much better than nursing a cold as you sniffle tears every night,
So much better than living through broken-hearted days and nights,
Let the world wonder..
Accident? Suicide? Or Murder?
And let those abettors suffer in silence, let those murderers rejoice with the hindrance gone
Let some rational minds embark on an analytical tour of what you were thinking in those final moments as you stood at the ledge.
Let those one or two mourn or cry, probably suffer a trauma. In the end, they too would know, that you had no choice. They’ll sympathize then and pray to the Almighty to redeem you.
In a matter of years all of them would be wiped off too.
Because everything alive has an end, every person has a choice, to take the step now or let God take it Himself, later.

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Anonymous said...

Although suicide isn't something I encourage, euthanasia is what I'm not against. If you meant the latter I support you totally, otherwise I will say suicide is the resort of cowards.

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