Monday, September 24, 2012

The charming violin

I love the violin. I plan to learn the instrument someday.
The tune so soulful, so touching, striking the chords of your heart. I think the violin is one instrument which can define emotions, define a state of mind to near perfection.

I was listening to Contradanza by Vanessa Mae. To me its a mind in turmoil. A smooth flow like the Godfather track reflects the past losses and moving on. David Oistrakh and his concerto take you on a gradual ride from highs to lows. Hillary Hahn and Julia Fischer being the other classical violinists I am newly listening to.

Yes, I look at myself enjoying a Sunday afternoon listening to someone playing a violin, maybe even playing it myself. Just losing myself to its Divine brilliance. Music can hypnotise. It can take you to a new level of consciousness altogether. A world where it's just you and your melody. And nothing separates this blissful union.

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