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One of my favorite past writings

OUTLINE OF THE MOVIE: Summer Interlude
Told in flashback, this sensitively observed story traces a teenage love affair which took place one idyllic summer on the archipelago near Stockholm. While waiting for the night rehearsal of the ballet Swan Lake, the lonely twenty-eight year-old ballerina Marie receives a diary through the mail. She travels by ferry to an island nearby Stockholm, where she recalls her first love Henrik. Thirteen years ago, while travelling to spend her summer vacation with her aunt Elisabeth and her uncle Erland, Marie meets Henrik in the ferry and soon they fall in love with each other. They spend summer vacation together when a tragedy separates them. The film beautifully evokes the giddiness of young love, the tragedy of unfulfilled promise, and the healing powers of time.

Marie is in the make-up room reminiscing about her past and introspecting her present with David. She is sitting in front of a mirror with her make up on. The ballet master (dressed like a clown) walks in. She and the ballet master have a conversation where they talk about how a tragedy had changed Marie and made her live a fake life with protective walls. Just then David enters.

I have written poetic lines in English considering that the story revolves around a ballerina’s life.

Marie (talks to her reflection in the mirror):
Death, you startle me
As flesh and blood unite in dust
As raging seas swallow the sun
As the shroud of ebony caresses the mourning sky

(The ballet master (dressed like a clown), who has been hiding behind the door and over hearing, walks in)

Ballet master (walking towards Marie):  
It’s not the sky that’s mourning, it’s you Marie.
Marie (sighs):
What am I, but a puppet of destiny
Ballet master:
Look at you Marie!
You dare not remove your make up
You dare not be made up
                        I question myself, my soul, my heart
                        I question my pretence, my emotions
                        I question would I love, ever again?

Ballet master:
                        The cage enclosing your wounded heart
                        What time had healed, feels fresh in pain
                        Your gushing tears that flood your eyes
                        What made you cry all over again?
                        Pages of the past flung open
Words hit me like bullets
He sketched a shield and plunged a sword
He took advantage of my meekness

Ballet master:
                        Vicious Erland eh?
Don’t they know how much it hurts
To lose a person you were with
To lose all your dreams and your hopes
To realize one day your love was a myth

Who is this admirer you grieve for?

Marie (lost in a daze):
                        We were dreamers of the present, vagabonds of the future
                        Inherently coherent, yet deeply bounded spirits
                        Blossoming buds, yet fully bloomed in ecstasy
                        Cryptic to the world, flying away together

Ballet master:
                       Ahh! The labour of love...
           Of divine bonds and gleeful fights
           Of charming days and amorous nights

Marie (smiles):
Nights of fantasies, of blissful union
Memories of a summer tempest
Nestling in his strong manly arms
Velvety hands caressing unrest

Ballet master:
But look at you Marie...
Thirteen years of brooding silences
Wandering lonely, lost in fallacy
A masked maiden on a quest unknown
Oh Marie! Do you live in reality?

Marie (looks at the mirror and touches her face):   
I look at all the times gone by
I have lost my youth in treacherous days
Love never dies they preach and say
I mended my heart by moving away

Ballet Master:
You dare not be wounded again dear Marie
Look at how absurd you look (points to the mirror)
Look at the silly games life plays
Ain’t you better with a heart of stone?

Marie (wipes her tears):
Thirteen years, I’ve exiled myself
Now is the moment to break free
Who says love happens just once
It’s all a play of destiny
(pulls faces in the mirror)

Ballet master (advises):
                        Wander in lonely forlorn comfort
Dance your feet away in glory
                        But love will land you in trouble
                        Believe me Marie, or you’ll be sorry.
(David enters. He looks menacingly at the ballet master)

Ballet master (annoyed):
                        Behold young man, or I’ll turn you to dust!

David (back-answering):
                        Your filthiness would fill my pages. I happen to be a journalist.
Behold! Or I’ll crumble your good name!

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