Sunday, September 23, 2012


As I opened the newspapers today morning, I read the news about a son killing his father because the latter refused to give him money for alcohol. When I switched on the TV, the show Crime Patrol was going on with an episode about youngsters indulging in wrong company. The media is replete with negative coverage on youth. And then the elders have their discussions on precautionary measures and tightening the noose. No wonder, a girl’s parents are hesitant about sending her alone to the movies with a guy. No wonder, road trips are a strict no-no. No wonder trying even a sip of alcohol is a taboo.

It is high time the media reflects the positive side of youth. If our ever-possessive parents are continually exposed to content like this, they may lock us up at home fearing the big bad world. They need to be shown the positive light. They need to know that the right, decent company exists, that socializing is not a sin as it is portrayed. They need to move on with the changing times.

We no longer live in the world our parents grew up in. Thanks to the latest gizmos, gadgetry, the world has become smaller and the generation gap wider. The general perception about youth today is that they are distracted, philandering, seldom in the right company. That their friends are misguiding, that if they don’t excel at college they are into addiction. I don’t deny that we get misguided easily, but there are several of us who are level-headed enough. And it’s injustice to us.

Why can’t they see our activism towards wrong doings? Our enthusiasm to support the right causes. Why does the negative over power, every time? Why can’t tolerance and open-mindedness find their way through the dark alleys of human thought?

Why are we such a mistaken lot?

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Anonymous said...

It has happened before, it is happening now and it will continue to happen. Generation gap will stay. Parents of our parents were much more restrictive than our parents are. When we become parents we will certainly be more liberal than our parents but until then the culture of the next generation would have advanced enough to cause unease to even us.

The Wanderer said...

The least parents can do is be approachable enough.

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