Friday, September 21, 2012

From a certain girl called 'Berry'

At a point where humans appeared scary as a species,

I feel like this really alive Aquarian surrounded by all my favorite people.. It was a treat to my eyes to see two people, really close to my heart right in front of me after ages. It's like someone up there answered my prayers.

And my dear Laurel and Hardy, if you both are reading this, I feel so good to see you together. I know in the next few months you both won't be around, but it's little moments like these that keep me well grounded to my roots and my upbringing. After my parents, it's just you two who have known me for soooo... long. And every time I see you both it reminds me of our lovely school days and so many other memories. We have seen each other grow up and I adore the bond we share.

And no I am not going over board by writing this post out when I could have told you both all this in person...
You seriously made my day :)

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