Saturday, September 29, 2012

Entangled minds - II

They walked on hand in hand towards the bus station. After her previous careless spree, he held her hand even tighter in a resolute grip. The road was partially jammed, the skies hinted rain and the air was replete with a faint drizzle. The sun had set and the streetlights gleamed like blurred stars on his specs. She walked to his right, the vehicles running in a direction opposite to them. 

"Why do you always keep to the vehicle side of the road?" she asked.
"Because it's chivalrous of me," he answered.
"When do I get to walk on that side?" 
"Maybe when I am drunk and too lost to figure out the road on my own."
"Hmph!! You think you are protecting me eh? This is India! No one has a sense of driving here. All they seek is empty spaces. Why even pavements are encroached upon by bikes!"
She had not even completed her sentence when a swerving bicycle brushed past her right, from behind her, just missing her elbow.
"I rest my case," she announced in a victorious tone.

It was as if someone was listening to their conversation and just waiting to prove her right, for once. 
"I am still not letting you walk on the vehicle side!" 
And as much as she hated him for that inferior treatment, she took pride in his possessiveness and concern for her. 

The bus station had arrived. 

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