Friday, September 28, 2012

Entangled minds - I

She was lost in her own fantasies, her own bit of conversations. She did not realize when he stepped up close behind her. She leaned back and forth, her hand against the wall, swaying to a distant melody running at the back of her mind. And suddenly she was jolted back by a faint brush of his warmth against her elbow. She fell back, losing her foothold, nearly stamping him.
“Yikes. I’m sorry. Did that hurt?”
“No,” he whispered in a mellowed tone.
He was still holding her close, supporting her stance. She regained her composure and slowly drew away. There was nothing distinct about him, no fragrance, no aura. No wonder she did not feel his presence. Just a kind of warmth that made her feel his presence, every time. Like the feel of his soft palms against hers, as he suddenly held her hand in a bid to drag her away with him.
“Let’s go. We’re getting late,” he urged.
There was no mistaking those hands. His fingers that slowly crept into hers as they walked next to each other on the road every time or sometimes accidentally entangled in her long lustrous hair, for no apparent reason. Or drawn across her shoulder seeking support. What a stark difference, she thought to herself. Her hands bony, cold, lacking emotions. And yet, he didn’t mind holding them for hours at end. 
Quite a deal of patience, she smiled to herself, thinking about him. And he screeched suddenly, once again waking her from her trance, “Hey, don’t die!”
She noticed that she had freed herself from his grip and strayed to the middle of the road, unknowingly. Strange, she didn't remember letting go off his hands. Those hands that made her feel stronger, able enough to take on the world. He tugged her back, holding her close, shielding her against the mad rush of vehicles. He said nothing, but she could read his mind speaking, “Idiotic, wandering, clumsy You! There is a reason why I hold your hand!”

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Anonymous said...

there's a part 2 coming hopefully?

The Wanderer said...

Many parts depending on how romantically inclined I feel ;)

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