Thursday, September 20, 2012

A fascinating virtuality

And when you wake up to a different reality, dreams just start feeling saner, lovelier...

Although I can't comprehend them, I don't understand why my conscience conjures some of them, but they all make sense when I wake up..
I see the faces I want to see.. I go places I have seen in pictures.. I am amidst adventures that can never happen for real.. My fate and survival in my own hands.. The peace and freedom that I yearn for, all seeming so real.. So good, that I just don't feel like waking up..

I look forward to sleeping every night, in a bid to visit myself. I wake afresh every morning and spend time recollecting the events and smile to myself.

Have been blogging a lot about dreams off late.. Will hop back into reality once it starts fascinating me, again. 

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